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Diana Reis


Coming from traditional Italian heritage, we have been blessed with insight into what it means to be a generous host. Cooking for someone is not just about putting food on the table, but about going out of your way to make someone feel special. Our fondest memories are filled with family, friends and fantastic food. The kitchen was the center of life, and love was shown with every meal prepared. We wanted to share this experience with as many people as possible. It started with a small catering company, which slowly grew into the flourishing business we have today. From the very beginning we've served our original biscotti to all of our clients and guests. After many positive responses and quite a few direct requests, what had previously been just a post-meal bonus soon took center stage.

We started with the original recipe that has been perfected for generations. Using rich California almonds, we've created a biscotti that is both delicious and uniquely textured. While maintaining that twice baked bite, our biscotti has a smooth crumble that is unmatched in our competitors. From here we branched out into designer flavors, influenced by the varied ingredients used in kitchens around the world. What has resulted, is a number of novel creations that combine the best of the traditional with the excitement of modern fusion cuisine. You will love to serve these at parties, give them as gifts, or simply keep them all for yourself.